Our Story

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Samsara is a Sanskrit word referring to the "cycle of aimless wandering and mundane existence" we often find ourselves in. We get so caught up in our daily routines that we become blind to the harm they inherently cause. “Lost in Samsara” refers to this metaphorical blindness and it does all is possible to offer a way to jump off the hamster wheel and help empower the people who make the products we buy while preserving the environment we all live in. 

The beginning

We founded Lost in Samsara in 2015 for people like you and us that want to wear the values they believe in. We wanted to expand the already available choice of modern ethical accessories so we started creating our own.

Why we started

We believe that small actions count and that small actions multiplied by millions can change the world. We cannot change the system overnight but we can rebel everyday to it by supporting a different and fairer system where we all respect each other and the planet we live in. 


We recycle different materials that would have otherwise gone to landfill and transform them into cool accessories of every day use. The creation of these products allows us to provide employment opportunities for small cooperatives of artisans that come from underprivileged backgrounds.