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The Plastic You Don't See: Microbeads & Microfibers

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We have realised that lately one of the hottest topic in the media is plastic pollution.

Everybody is talking about it and finally companies and governments are starting to change things.

We are all aware of the problems connected to the plastic we can see like plastic bags, plastic bottles, paper cups, straws…and we know that many companies are banning them now and people are more aware of the easy solution of choosing reusable bags, cups or bottles every time is possible.

More and more campaigns are now raising awareness about this issue and we saw some results in millennials who are using cloth nappies ( to big brands starting using recycled material (

It is just the beginning and many more people will need to take action to see a considerable improvement for the planet but it feels good to see that things are actually changing for the best.

However, still not many are aware of microplastics and microbeads, the nasty plastic that is not visible but as dangerous to our ecosystem.

Did you know that 63% of clothes are made from plastic? And that 34.8% of microplastics in the ocean come from clothing and textiles?

So here are two short videos to have a better idea of the invisible plastic that we use everyday:



And microfibres that are in our clothes:



We cannot change the world overnight but sure we can do our bit!

Here are a few practical tips to fight microplastics:

  • Buy less. Fast fashion wouldn’t exist without polyester. If we all do our bit to buy less synthetic clothing we could definitely have an impact in the long run
  • Don’t overwash your clothes
  • Use environmental friendly detergent, laundry balls or soap nuts
  • Hang your clothes
  • Dispose responsibly


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