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How to Help Protect our Rivers

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Marvi recently went rafting to enjoy the wonders of a river from a different perspective. 
Its beauty, fierce and the wonderful scenery helped reflecting on how important it is to preserve all of this.
Water pollution isn’t just a problem in the sea, but local waters are suffering too, often from pollutants found in common household products. 
Not polluting our local environment it is not just the responsibility of big industries but also ours. Sometimes it is just a matter to start somewhere to help reduce our impact like doing less laundry or don’t buy synthetic clothing to reduce the amount of micro plastic. Have you eve heard of it? They are broken-down plastic waste, synthetic fibres and beads found also in personal hygiene products. They are mistaken for food and ingested by fish and other aquatic animals. 
Another small step would be avoiding anti bacterial products like hand gel or toothpaste that contain agents such as triclosan, which mimics the hormone estrogen in animals and can inhibit their reproductive systems and ability to swim. Crazy uh? These are just a few tips but the list of things we can do to help the environment is long. We just need to ask ourselves more often how we can make another step toward a plastic free world.

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