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According to the Cambridge Dictionary, upcycling is "the activity of making new furniture, objects, etc, out of old or used things or waste material." It is not to be confused with recycling which is only the process of collecting materials so that it can be used again.

At Lost in Samsara we do both. We recycle old tyres, motorcycles seats, cement bags and bullet cases and we upcycle them to create our collections. By giving them a new life, we avoid that all these discarded materials end up in landfills thus polluting our planet.

This is how it works!

The waste material is bought to be reused and by doing so people are encouraged not to throw it away, but to keep it and then sell it. This means less trash and less pollution.

The artisans transform the material into one of our accessories giving it the extra miles.

By wearing one of our products you are not only contributing to keep waste out of landfills, but also helping to provide meaningful employment for disadvantaged artisans and their families.