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Lost in Samsara prides itself on offering a huge range of fair trade gifts, sourced from artisans across the world. We work with craftspeople in Asia and South America to bring you the most beautiful upcycled, recycled bags, accessories and jewellery, respecting both the people that make our gifts and the planet.

Read more below about the people and actions we’re taking towards a more ethical, people and planet-driven future.



At Lost in Samsara we believe we can make a positive impact and that our fair trade gifts can benefit not just the artisans and communities that make them but also the environment. 
We believe our duty is to create collections that use recycled materials when possible and that are long lasting so not to impact further our fragile eco-system.
We also believe our products can do more and that is why we support an amazing environmental project.




 Offsetting Deliveries

We are empowering you to make Lost in Samsara orders less impactful on the planet! So now you’ll know when a Lost in Samsara fair trade gift arrives at your door, you’ll get something you love and you’ll be proud of the fact that you’re taking a small step towards making a big change in the world.
You can support with us a water purification project in Khum Longvek, Cambodia by just checking the "Make my order carbon neutral" box at checkout and giving a small contribution.
The project provides locally made ceramic water purifiers to over 1 million Cambodians. By filtering water instead of boiling it over a wood burning fire, these purifiers prevent 90,000 tonnes of carbon emissions and protect 450 hectares of Cambodian forest every year. That’s 320 football fields worth of protected habitat!





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