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Action Bag in Action

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We are preparing new backpacks and other surprises in collaboration with Action Bag, part of Saidpur Enterprises and we had a chat with M. Ghayasuddin, the General Manager, to get to know them better. Saidpur Enterprises is an organisation located in Saidpur, 350 km Northwest of Dhaka, Bangladesh. They have been active since 1973, employing refugees displaced in the area after the war with Pakistan.

 “At the moment, there are 125 artisans employed, plus another 50 that are casuals” M. Ghayasuddin told us. “We are determined to fight poverty by providing jobs, good working condition and a living wage.”

For the past few years they have also been providing school supplies to children whose parents cannot afford to purchase them, without which they would not be able to attend school at all. “This program has encouraged children to go to school and so far we have been able to distribute over 500 school kits.”

 Especially in a country like Bangladesh, where 4.9 million children are estimated working in factories, Action Bag program is not just important, but it is an essential step towards a better future.

M. Ghayasuddin has shared some pictures with us from one of the distribution days and we love to share them with you.


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