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A.N.D. Some Exciting News to Announce

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We’ve brewed up a brand new partnership - along with a fresh batch of beautiful artisanal wares - just for you.


On our last trip to Cambodia we had the good fortune of meeting Alan Flux, one of the co-founders of A.N.D ArtisanandDesigner (a Cambodian fair trade brand that blends elevated design with traditional textile processing practices). An English designer with a profound passion for fashion, he’s living his dream working with local producers to create stunning, one-of-a-kind handmade clothes, accessories and home décor. With the goal of revitalizing the local artisanal sector, which is currently under threat.


AND … there’s more. A.N.D. employs (and consequently empower) disadvantaged people, and only uses reclaimed fabric and wood that would otherwise be discarded.


Cambodia is currently one of the largest cheap labor garment manufacturing zones. More and more young Cambodians are resorting to working in factories where human rights - and certainly creativity and authenticity! – is too often overlooked. All so that big corporate brands can keep up with the insatiable demand that “fast fashion” creates.


We’re thrilled to be able to support A.N.D. in revitalising the local artisanal sector, which is currently under threat. And in preserving long-standing traditions and safeguarding a sliver of Cambodia’s beauty and authenticity. Join us in welcoming them to the Lost in Samsara family. And if you can, help us raise them up by sharing this article online and shopping their collection.


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