It's Social Saturday! - Lost in Samsara

It's Social Saturday!

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This year Lost in Samsara will be joining Social Saturday, a nationwide campaign designed to raise awareness about those who are doing business differently, putting people and communities first.
Social Saturday will start on Monday 8 October and will finish on Saturday 13 October. 
There are over 80,000 social enterprises in the UK – businesses which trade to meet a social or environmental purpose and which reinvest the majority of their profits back towards meeting their social mission and we are really proud to be one of them. 
The campaign, organised by Social Enterprise UK, encourages consumers to use their spending power to support social enterprises. From coffee and beer to fashion and toiletries there are social enterprise alternatives for everyday consumer goods.
Peter Holbrook CBE, CEO of Social Enterprise UK, said:
“Social enterprises are creating equality through business – they are offering quality products but are set up in a way that directly addresses some of the biggest social and environmental issues we face. Whether it's coffee carts creating jobs for the homeless, bottled water funding clean water projects abroad or soap manufactured by people who are with disabilities – there are social enterprise alternatives out there which show that there can be more to business than just the bottom line.
They are more diverse and more innovative than mainstream businesses, creating jobs and opportunities where they are needed most. We encourage consumers to unleash their spending power and support social enterprises on Social Saturday and beyond.”
Social enterprises are making a difference in your community and around the world, set up to trade for a social purpose and using business to create a more equal society. They are creating jobs where they’re needed most and tackling some of the biggest challenges we face from homelessness to climate change. They are changing the way we do business and you can support them. 

Find a Social Enterprise near you

There is a very useful Social Saturday map  that features social enterprises that are open to the public during the campaign as well as events that will be taking place between 8th-13th of October, from pop-up markets to community fun days.
We will be at Spitalfields Market if you'd like to have a chat!

Share on Social Media

If you visit a social enterprise, buy a social enterprise product or just want to shout out loud about the social enterprise movement and the impact it's having, you can help get #SocialSaturday2018 trending on social media! Make sure you're following @SocialEnt_UK on Twitter and Social Enterprise UK on Instagram and Facebook.
We hope to see you around for a week of celebration, campaigning and fun!

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