Fairtrade Fortnight Special - Craftworks Cambodia - Lost in Samsara

Fairtrade Fortnight Special - Craftworks Cambodia

Posted by Mariavittoria Scala on

For this year Fairtrade Fortnight we interviewed Mr. Sapbay founder of one of the organisations we work with, Craftworks Cambodia. 
We have asked him what fair trade means to him and how it has impacted his life and the lives of the other producers.
"Fair trade means that all of us can be paid a fair wage and have a better living. When we get sick we have the money to go to the doctor and our children can go to school. Together with other groups of producers here in Cambodia we get training and we all help to promote the fair trade principles. At Craftworks the artisans also work from home so they are independent and can look after their kids."

Craftworks Cambodia works to provide vocational training and marketing skills to 49 home based producers, mainly disabled people, victims of land mines or polio. It also maintains and practices a strong commitment to environmental awareness with many of the products being made from recycled and sustainable materials.


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