3 Natural Cleaning Products and How to Use Them

Just today The Guardian published an article saying that according to a recent research cleaning products are a big source of urban air pollution. 

So we thought of sharing some useful tips on how to reduce household emissions by using natural cleaning products.

1) Salt

Salt is perfect for scrubbing. The grit from salt has sandblasting properties to reduce and remove built up scum. Try to pour a half cup of salt down clogged drains. After run warm water for a few minutes so it works its way through the system.

You can also use salt to remove grease from pans. Just sprinkle a teaspoon and then clean with a wet sponge.

2) Lemon

Lemon is great to remove hard water stains. Try to rub half of a lemon over stained sinks. Give another squeegee for an extra shine.

If you want to remove odours from your hand after cutting garlic or onions just wash your hands with some water and lemon and they will be restored to their natural aroma. 

To remove extra tough grease just add few drops of lemon juice to your dish soap to clean pans and pots. 

3) Olive Oil

Olive Oil is great for polishing, try to use one drop on a clean cloth to make your shoes shine. 

It can also help remove stickers or price tags. Last but not least, try to use to polish and shine metal. Just use few drops on a cotton cloth.

We hope you enjoyed the reading..we wish you a greener and happier cleaning!


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Why I bought 50M CarbonCoins…by Matt Mellen

What if everyone concerned with environmental issues globally agreed to useCarbonCoin? What if major environmental and conservation NGOs useCarbonCoin and encourage their members to do so? What if everyone paying for environmental services (tree planting, conservation, ecological restoration) chose to do so usingCarbonCoin? The currency could rapidly become a significant economic force in the world contributing to a massive new wave of tree planting.
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7 Reasons Why Trees are Important

With every item sold we'll plant a tree by donating a dollar. One Tree Planted' partners will then make the call on the proper (native) tree species to plant and work with local communities to get these planted.
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Zero Waste Week and Other Discoveries

Everything always starts with a story. In 2004 Rachelle Strauss started questioning how much things she had and what she could do to save them from the bin after seeing first hand the devastation caused by the Boscastle floods and seeing people losing their belongings.

By 2008 Rachelle set up a grassroots campaign called Zero Waste Week raising awareness on the environmental impact of waste and empowering participants to reduce it.

This year Zero Waste Week will run from the 4th to the 8th of September. During this time you can get emails filled with tips and tricks to save money, reduce waste and help save the environment. All you need to do to get involved is sign up! 

We pledged not to throw any food away and we’d like to commit to our pledge not just next week but for the years to come.

Talking about food waste we have recently discovered a new app, Too Good To Go. Their mission is to place the lost value back onto food as something that should be eaten and not thrown away. So far they have been working in 6 countries and their app makes surplus food available for collection before a store closes its breakfast, lunch or dinner service. 1,300,000 meals have already been saved and 650 tonnes of CO2 emissions have been avoided.


It takes seconds to register and once you are in you can browse restaurants, coffee shops and bakeries near you that at the end of their day will let you buy their left overs in take away boxes for as little as £2. Intrigued? Just download the app!


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5 Creative Ways to Reuse Old Tyres

Landfilling of tyres is a poor disposal solution as tyres are almost completely non-biodegradable due to the cross-linked rubber structure present.

So, why not upcycle them into something not just useful, but beautiful?

Here some ideas!

1) Garden Tables


2) Shelves

3) Chairs



4) Lamps



5) Poufs & Stools



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