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Zero Waste Travel Tips

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Summer is here and with it our thirst for exploring new places.
Travelling is wonderful and we believe that it is good for our souls and our minds. Certainly flying has a really great impact on the environment and we should all try to reduce our emissions by travelling less for longer or by considering other kinds of transportation, like trains, wherever and whenever possible. 
Having said that, we can also try to be less wasteful while on our way to our favourite destinations.
Here are some tips!
Before even beginning our trip we could download our tickets as PDF instead of printing them out, saving time and paper.
We can use reusable luggage tags instead of getting the stickers provided at the airport that just cause unnecessary waste
Bringing our own napkins can help us with food on the good and avoid plastic packaging. Same goes for reusable bags as of course we are going to buy a couple of souvenirs for our family and friends! A reusable bottle can be also very useful, we just need to remember to have it empty when we pass airport controls. ; )
Talking about airport controls and liquids restrictions we can gift ourselves of a clear case with mini clear bottles that we can fill with our favourite natural shampoo and shower gel so that we can use them multiple times and we don't have to buy any extra before our departure.  
This is by no means a complete list and we are eager to hear from you more tips and comments.
Our actions when multiplied really do matter and by being more mindful we can contribute to a make this world a better place, for us and our planet. 




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