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3 Natural Cleaning Products and How to Use Them

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Just today The Guardian published an article saying that according to a recent research cleaning products are a big source of urban air pollution. 

So we thought of sharing some useful tips on how to reduce household emissions by using natural cleaning products.

1) Salt

Salt is perfect for scrubbing. The grit from salt has sandblasting properties to reduce and remove built up scum. Try to pour a half cup of salt down clogged drains. After run warm water for a few minutes so it works its way through the system.

You can also use salt to remove grease from pans. Just sprinkle a teaspoon and then clean with a wet sponge.

2) Lemon

Lemon is great to remove hard water stains. Try to rub half of a lemon over stained sinks. Give another squeegee for an extra shine.

If you want to remove odours from your hand after cutting garlic or onions just wash your hands with some water and lemon and they will be restored to their natural aroma. 

To remove extra tough grease just add few drops of lemon juice to your dish soap to clean pans and pots. 

3) Olive Oil

Olive Oil is great for polishing, try to use one drop on a clean cloth to make your shoes shine. 

It can also help remove stickers or price tags. Last but not least, try to use to polish and shine metal. Just use few drops on a cotton cloth.

We hope you enjoyed the reading..we wish you a greener and happier cleaning!


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