Upcycled Bullet Case Climber Earrings-Heart Beat

£27.00 Oferta Ahorre

These recycled earrings are handmade using bullet casing that were polluting the Cambodian countryside. A skillful team of artisans recycles them and transforms them into something beautiful and unique to wear. Once the bullet cases are melted they become brass again that can then be then shaped into your favourite earrings. The ear posts are made out of silver. Your purchase will contribute to keeping waste out of landfill and help protect the environment and will keep creating job opportunities for disadvantaged artisans. Each time we sell a pair we also plant one tree.


Approx 3cm

Silver Ear Post

Care instructions: Brass tarnishes over time. To maintain shine, clean with a good brass polish and a soft cloth.

By wearing one of our products you are not only contributing to keep waste out of landfills, but also helping to provide meaningful employment. Our gifts are made by artisans around the world, ensuring we can support whole communities to have a better quality of life.

Plant one tree for every product through our reforestation partner One Tree Planted and rescue 10 plastic bottles for every order with Plastic Bank® !

Transforming Waste

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