Weekender - Lost in Samsara
Weekender - Lost in Samsara


Ikat Weekender Bag

Ikat comes from the Indonesian word Menigikat, meaning “to tie.” Ikat is a dye-resist process in which skeins of white cotton are tied at predetermined intervals and then dipped into an indigo dye bath. The contrast of the indigo and the white (or un-dyed) areas is what creates the design. Our artisans use all-natural dyes to create this beautiful bag, perfect for a stylish getaway.

Crafted by indigenous females in the highlands of Guatemala using backstrap weaving (a traditional Mayan technique that's been practiced for over 2,000 years). It takes at least two full days for artisans to make one ‘lienzo’ or backstrap woven textile.

Size: 55.9 cm x 39.4 cm

*As with all handcrafted items, please allow for minor differences in artwork, colour/shade and size. 

• The making of their products provides work to 94 artisans • The purchase of their crafts provides living wages, literacy programs, artisan development programs, community health programs, youth scholarships, community tourism




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