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Pop Up For Change

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We are really excited to announce that we are popping up alongside other amazing ethical brands in Hackney from 7th to 12th June! 

Organised by Handmade Stories, this will not be a conventional store.

It will be a place where you'll hear stories of artisans, a place where you'll be able to discover products and brands that are actively tackling social injustice around the world, a place where your money has a real impact on the lives of those who make the products.

You'll be able to shop from ethical brands selling fashion, jewellery and homeware. 

And that's not all! Expect workshops and events from amazing people who'll teach you traditional techniques and help you take better care of your clothes including how to upcycle them, recycle them, and make them last longer! As well as other events! 

The pop up will run from 2nd June to 3rd of July. 

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