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Wallet - Lost in Samsara
Wallet - Lost in Samsara

Upcycled Inner Tube Purse - Slim

This upcycled tyre slim purse is the perfect size if you don’t want to fill your bag with bulky items. The recycled inner tubes are complemented by colourful cotton and they make the purse both elegant and fun to wear. It has plenty of pockets for cards and money and a pocket for coins. Your purchase will contribute to keeping waste out of landfill and help protect the environment and will keep creating job opportunities for disadvantaged artisans. Each time we sell one we also plant one tree. 


Approx 13cmx10cm

Please note that due to the upcycled nature of the item colours and texture may vary. 

• The making of their products provides work to 13 artisans • The purchase of their crafts provides living wages and training to disabled people, mainly victims of land mines and polio