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The Rebel Diary Podcast


Welcome to the Rebel Diary, a podcast where we discuss ideas and have meaningful conversations with guests who are working to make this world a better place.
Join us on this journey of discovery while we dive into different topics and explore solutions to current issues. In each episode, we'll interview a person that inspires us to create the change we need and that rebels against the current set of values that is taking a toll on both human rights and the rights of nature. Not matter how big or small, every action counts.


Can Ordinary People Really Change the World? With Feng Ho

This week we have a chat with Feng Ho, an intersectional environmentalist, fashion designer and sustainability advocate. We talk about her journey into activism, Extinction Rebellion, Parents for Future and the importance of taking to the streets as a way of creating meaningful change. We learn tips on how to live more sustainably and the importance of small actions to create a better future for us and future generations.




Talking Inclusivity and Equal Opportunities with Aysegul Selenga Taskent and Delizia Flaccavento

In our second episode of the Rebel Diary we interview activist and documentary director Aysegul Selenga Taskent and activist, photographer and photojournalist Delizia Flaccavento. We discuss their work and their use of visual arts to raise awareness on inclusivity and equal opportunities. We dive also into their social initiatives that aim at fighting stigma and empower people living with disability.


How Can Introverts Be Activists Too? with Sarah Corbett

In this episode we talk to Sarah Corbett about the power of introvert people and why it is important to make activism more beautiful, kind and fair so that it is more inclusive and accessible to everyone. 
Sarah Corbett is an award-winning activist, author and Ashoka Fellow. She set up the global Craftivist Collective in 2009. Her unique ‘Gentle Protest’ methodology has helped change hearts, minds, business policies and government laws around the world. 


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