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Frequently Asked Questions

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General FAQs

Most of our backpacks will fit your laptop. We have provided measurements in the Specs tab of every products, including laptop measurements, to help decide what is the best choice for you!

If you still have questions just get in touch with us. 

Our bags and wallets are made out of recycled materials, including inner tubes, cement bags and motorcycle seats.

Our recycled from bullet cases jewellery is made out of recycled brass but all the studs at back are made of silver. 

We don't use any animal products on purpose, but since our products are made from upcycled materials, we cannot guarantee their are vegan friendly. 

Yes! The recycled materials they are made of are all water resistant. In fact, inner tubes, motorcycles seats and cement bags all have to be water resistant to serve their purpose in their previous lives. 

Fair Trade is an approach to international trade that seeks to empower marginalised producers by providing them fair pay, safe working conditions, vocational training and long-term stability. It is about equitable partnerships, transparency and respect. All our producers set their own prices and they are paid in advance to allow them to cover the cost of production and their salaries.  

We are finding ways to provide repairs so that you can wear your favourite things for as long as possible. At the moment we don't have facilities in place, but please do get in touch with us and we will try our best to find solutions. 

Yes! Just send us an email to request our newest catalogue or head over to our wholesale page for more info. 

Our bags and accessories are made of recycled inner tubes are unique and durable and designed to be carried for years to come.

Here are some tips about daily care and maintenance.

  1. The appearance of white areas or other imperfections may be improved by wiping thoroughly with a wet cloth. Furthermore, you can apply black shoe polishing or tyre polishing cleaner and polish your product with a dry cloth. It will preserve your products and give it a shinier look.
  2. Like leather, excessive rubbing and hot or humid conditions, can make the colour transfer.  
    - Hold the product in a different way to avoid direct rubbing.
    - Avoid using the product when wearing white or light color clothes.
    - Apply a color protection spray to reduce color fading.
    The rubber may has a noticeable odor initially which will decreases over time. If you’re sensitive to the odor, it’s recommended to leave your products in a well-ventilated  place to diffuse the smell. 


Yes! We accept returns of damaged or faulty items within 20 days of receipt. 

We are sure you'll love every item, but if for whatever reason you need a refund you can head over to our Returns Center.

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